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➤ Podcasting from the meadows

Published on July 11, 2014, by in All, News and musings.

Jim and Helen at the Luton meadows site (photo Sue Nelson/Boffin Media)

On Monday 30th June Jim Harris from Cranfield University and Helen Hoyle from the University of Sheffield, recorded a podcast from the Luton Bramingham Road experimental meadow site. This is now featured on the Natural Environment Research Council’s news website: Planet Earth Online.

The weather was ideal for the recording, which was made whilst touring the Luton site. Sue Nelson made the recording and discussed with Jim and Helen the design and aims of the experiment,  the site preparation, community involvement and how the the different wildlife, soil and human responses are being recorded.

The podcast was arranged to celebrate the new on-site public signage which has just been installed at all our experimental meadow sites in Bedford and Luton (see previous news post).


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