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➤ Remote sensing: the view from above

Published on October 17, 2012, by in News and musings.

NERC-ARSF-planeThe first major element of the F3UES project was to collect remote sensing data across all three of the study areas. In June 2012 an aircraft from the NERC Airborne Research and Survey Facility (ARSF) flew a series of routes over Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes collecting aerial imagery and multispectral and LiDAR data. Despite the poor summer weather, and flight restrictions relating to the Olympics, ARSF managed to complete all the necessary flights, and we now have several, very large, data sets. There is a lot of processing to do before these are ready to use but, once processed, these data will provide a unique resource for the project, enabling us to generate a detailed and consistent characterisation of urban form and greenspace provision and structure across the three urban areas.

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