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Published on May 29, 2014, by in All, News and musings.

F3UES-brownies-with-birdOne of the core aims of the Urban BESS project is to understand the relationships between human well-being, biodiversity and the urban form. A key part of this relationship is how birds move between urban gardens. Researcher Dr Daniel Cox of the University of Exeter has been catching and attaching small tags to the legs of common garden birds such as this Blue tit and Great tit. When these birds visit a specially designed bird feeder, these tags record the time, date and individual bird that visits the recorder. During the year – long experiment which started in July 2013, Woodcroft Girl Guiding Centre in North Luton have been especially supportive of this project, by allowing Daniel to catch and tag birds in their grounds. One morning Daniel was catching birds when a group of Brownies were in residence. Daniel was able to show them the birds up close while he was handling them. To many people living in urban areas our garden birds can provide an important, easily accessible link with the natural world around us. This is particularly important for children, where their experience of the natural world in early life often influences their perceptions of nature as adults.

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