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Published on November 28, 2014, by in All, News and musings.

Meadow plot in summerIncreasingly research is demonstrating that proximity to good quality green space can produce significant health and wellbeing benefits to those who live and work in urban areas. One of the aims of the F3UES project is to develop these findings to investigate the role of biodiversity in green spaces might play in enhancing wellbeing, and the mechanisms which might bring this about.

If you happened to visit one of our experimental meadow sites this summer you may have seen or spoken to one of our researchers, popping up amidst the daisies with a clipboard in hand. During the months of June to August researchers from the Sheffield F3UES team conducted questionnaires at our sites in Bedford (Goldington Green, Chiltern Avenue, Brickhill Heights, Waveney Green, Mallard Hill) and at the Bramingham Road site in Luton, asking visitors and users of these greenspaces to share their thoughts on the meadow plots.

As every plot is different in terms of its plant species composition, height and the insects that they attract, we asked people to judge each plot individually on the basis of how attractive they found it, its perceived  biodiversity value and its potential as an practical alternative to mown grass in particular locations, along with a number of other questions which will help us put these responses in context.

close up of flowering plot

If you did agree to spend time with us contributing your responses, then our thanks!  We couldn’t do it without you! Collecting this information is an important way of giving the people who use these green spaces opportunity to express their thoughts on the experiment, as well as allowing us to build up a picture of  what elements and aspects of biodiversity in urban areas are the most appealing and provide the most benefit to the people.

The data are being collated and analysed at the moment, but whatever you think of the different plots your views are helping us understand how to make towns and cities better places to live.

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